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Most people know or suspect that there is a purpose for their life, but they do not know how to collaborate with it. Calling: Understanding Your Purpose, Place & Position breaks that process down into steps. It details the forces at work on the path of your destiny—both those that are working for you and the ones working against you, so you can position yourself to handle both.

Jen Tringale has written this book based on her own and others’ experiences of walking the path of destiny. She speaks to the heart of every believer who desires to see God’s plan for their life become a reality and wants the tools to achieve it. The vast changes in our world—with ever expanding technologies, social shifts, and economic twists and turns—demand that a new breed of pioneers emerge, ready to discover what God has in store for them.

Jen tackles the specifics of what it takes to live a life of destiny, and how to cooperate with its power and potential. She goes beyond the concept of destiny to show how it can be recognized in day-to-day life, and how living for a purpose greater than yourself can unlock blessings beyond measure.


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