The Great Arranger

I come from a long line of arrangers. The women in my family love to arrange. We arrange furniture, flowers, people-connections, family gatherings, dinner parties, and the list goes on! In fact, at times we almost can’t help ourselves. It’s safe to say we thrive on making the moment happen.

It takes a special finesse to truly arrange something just right. A great arrangement is when all of the elements are there, and the stage is set for real connection to happen without anything getting in the way or taking the spontaneity out of it.

The longer I walk with the Lord the more I realize that this very thing is our dance through life with Him.

This is the joy of letting Him lead us through what He has arranged for us without getting in the way. It’s the art of following His steps and not trying to re-arrange based on our ideas of how it should be and totally messing things up!

Life is about responding to His lead and moving with Him.

In Him we live and move and have our being”  —Acts 17:28

The beauty of the dance is that with Jesus it is both a trust walk and a collaboration. He leads us to the people, places, moments, and seasons He has arranged, and then we get to collaborate with His arrangement by contributing our part when we get there.

What a relationship.
What a dance.
What a gift.

I love how He leads us—never in a hurry. Never put out by the times we have gotten in the way of what He already so perfectly planned. Instead, He stands waiting at the beginning of each day with arms open wide, ready with His new mercies.

So each day, let’s start the day fresh. Listen for His cues more closely, and watch for His nod in a certain direction. Today is a new day to discover what God has already arranged for you and me.

He is the Great Arranger.