Thank You Card Confessions

As a young girl, I still remember my mother’s desk. She always had a desk in our home that she kept stocked with beautiful pens, legal pads (her favorite), and cards.

Even in a busy house with four kids and a chaotic schedule, I would find her at her desk diligently writing thank you cards. She taught me early on the importance of following up with a heartfelt, personal thank you after receiving a gift or a kind gesture. This was partly due to her background in advertising and marketing, but also her natural bent toward fostering relationships.

Keeping up with thank you cards has since been something I have tried to keep as a priority—sometimes well and others failing miserably, but there is no mistake about the power of ‘thank you’.

The thing about it is, you can only say thank you for something that you have already received or that has already been done. It is a response to an action already taken.

When it comes to our interaction with God and what He has promised us in His word, our greatest place of receiving is from a place of thankfulness.

For years early in my understanding of speaking the word of God over my life, I would say it over and over hoping for it to become real. One day, He spoke to me:

“A thank you is the response to a gift already given and fully received.”

I realized what He was saying was that if I would take everything He said He gave me in His word and respond to Him out of “thank you” it positions me in a great place of faith that it is done.

I want to encourage you to begin to respond with a thank you card confession for all that God has given you in His word. Your faith for receiving will be sky high, and you will experience the life He has given our of His immense goodness.