2021: Your Transition Year

On New Year’s Eve, I heard this in my heart, and I believe it was from the Lord: “2021 is a transition year.

What do I feel God was saying through that? Well, you could define this as a metamorphosis year. It’s a transformation time—like going from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

For so many, it will seem they transitioned overnight, but in reality, it’s been happening right below their surface for quite some time.

But no transition ever comes without opposition because the enemy of your soul would like to try to sabotage this transformational, transformative season you are in.

What is your opposition? Anything that opposes your growth and transformation. In 2021, it’s key to confront whatever comes up to oppose His will being done in and through you. All those things that try to hem you in, respond with the sound of His voice within you.

In all that will transpire over the coming months, remember: it’s His glory at work in you that will sustain you.

Trust is the operative word for this season of your life. Without it, your transformation year will produce a mixture that’s part Him, part you, and it won’t stand the test of time. New things will begin but fall through. Relying on Him is so necessary for all this transforming year will bring forth in you now.

One thing I’ve learned through the years is that transition and transformation happen just as much in the being still as it does in the hearing.

It seems that to every transition there is a tipping point where you have to choose to settle for a clear path to a lesser goal or to keep moving forward. This is the point you and I find ourselves at today.

The enemy seeks to dishearten you to discredit the One in whom you have believed, but God is not willing to let you miss your next place of strength, faith, and His glory. I encourage you to press on, press in, and press through.

Let’s stay steady in listening and stepping into whatever He calls us into—for such a time as this.