Negotiations Of The Heart

Life is full of decisions Jen.”

This is a mantra that is heard over and over throughout your life. I know it has been in mine, and one I have found myself repeating to others that are making their way through the landscape of life.

But most often those decision points are preceded by something more potent and pivotal. It is that space and time as we contemplate the choices that lie before us when we are in negotiations with our heart.

Have you ever found yourself wrestling with questions like, “Okay—what am I not willing to live without?” Or maybe, “What am I willing to sacrifice in order to gain?”

I know this place because I have been there. There have been times in my life when I was living (sometimes wallowing) in the valley of decision. I felt like I was going through round after round of negotiations transpiring on the inside of me. My emotions would make their strong case, but then my heart would counter with what I believed as truth regardless of what I did or didn’t feel. Next, my will would take the stand, making its demands for my own justice and what I felt I deserved. All of these forces within vying for power to persuade your decisions one way or another can honestly be exhausting!

What I do know is that these negotiations come with high stakes. They lead to making decisions that can take you to a new place of life and productivity, or potentially deter you—getting you off course for months, a year, or even years sometimes.

But I believe, in fact I know, that God desires to lead us through these negotiations of the heart—not to be our stern judge, but to be our chief counselor.

We need His strength and counsel so that we don’t take the bait, becoming the victims of a hostile takeover of our life’s purpose and destiny.

If we do make bad decisions, can God get us back on course? Oh yes. I know because He has done it for me, but I also know that never getting off course in the first place is by far the better life.

So, if you find yourself in a season right now where you feel like you are in the valley of decision, in heated negotiations of your heart, remember this: before you loved Him, He loved you first. He gave Himself for you; He sacrificed for you first.

He is so highly invested in you hitting every mark, reaching the prize of the high calling, that there is no way you are going to miss out in the end if you follow Him. Your emotions, your will, may try to paint the picture that you will be missing out if you don’t lay a tight grip on your own way, but that is a lie anchored in fear and nothing good ever comes from a fear-based decision.

Just always know my friend that He has your highest good in mind. Believe in His great love for you. Building an awareness of His love for you personally will get you through the tug of war within.

The better way is to live in the benefits of His verdict of your freedom, peace, and joy all the days of your life.