The View From Here

Road trips are a part of life that you just can’t afford to miss out on. From the fun and the playlist to all the stops along the way, and best of all, the passing scenery—there’s just nothing quite like it.

Different places inspire different things within us. Whether it’s the coast, the desert, the mountains, small towns or big cities. They all invoke distinct ideas within us.

That’s why sometimes it’s about getting to the place you need to be just so you can see or hear what you need.

I realize that we are all more than done with hearing phrases like “unprecedented times” and “new normal”. I would add myself to that group, but none the less, here we all are.

I just believe that if we can lift our eyes up above this place, we can see and hear what we need so we can move into new and unprecedented places in a good way—in ways that bring good into our world. The kind of good that benefits others.

I have friends that run a coffee food truck in Tennessee. Their coffee and homemade blueberry donuts are not to be missed! In the last few months they started thinking outside of the box, and said to each other, “Everything is so heavy and intense; how can we make a difference in people’s lives right now?” They got the idea to start talking to each of their walk-up customers about joy. As simple as it was, they just started saying, “We now add joy to every coffee we sell!” They changed their sign to say, “Joy awaits!” And they began to intentionally interact with their customers in a joyful way, just laughing and have fun.

The results were amazing. Not only did their sales increase, but people started lingering around their food truck a little longer. The atmosphere of joy around them was magnetic.

The truth is that they simply decided to stop and look up to see what they could see from this place, and step out in a new way.

What can you see from where you are right now just by looking up?

Let God lead you into new places where you can bring good into the world. After all, that is the kingdom you and I are of. We are of the kingdom of God, and our God is so very good.