Destined To Dream

Pretend that you’re living in a version of your life without limits—that you have no restraints or reasons for impossibility. All the possibilities that lie before you are yours, simply waiting on you to move on what you desire to do next.

Now let me ask you this question: if this were the case, what would that be?

Have you ever thought about your future outside of the limitations, the ‘have to’, ‘can’t do’s’, or the ‘don’t know how to’s’, and just dreamed?

The reason I ask is because you’re hard-wired to dream dreams, and those dreams are like seeds right now inside you of what could be.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, you and God begin to initiate that dream until it becomes visible. Too good to be true? Well, let’s just see.

Take a woman like Mary for instance. She had a seed inside of her that was supernatural, and when God spoke to her about it she didn’t say, “Well that could never be true.” She believed. She believed it because it was already a reality in that realm.

I have discovered that rationalization can work like kryptonite to the dreams that are locked up in your heart.

A lot in our culture gets put into metrics and percentages. Based on historical data, people are told the likelihood of the outcomes of their future. All of it is designed to dictate their realities.

However, what you are destined to dream and to conceive, like Mary, didn’t come from this realm or dimension; it is not bound by probability, data, metrics, or percentages.

It is contrived of a substance that is God-breathed, and He breathed it into you to see what you would do with it.

The story of the individuals that were given the talents in the Bible is really a symbolic journey of how different people handle the God-breathed seeds of dreams within them. (Matt 25:14-30 )

If you will remember, one person was so afraid to wreck his life and make wrong decisions with what he had that he just buried it, and chose to act like he didn’t have anything at all. Walking through life in the dark, dormant, and in seclusion is no way to exist. His choice was to sleepwalk through his days. He was most afraid of taking any risk because of a great fear of failure, so at the end, he dug it up and handed it back to the one that gave it to him—untouched and unused.

The meaning here is that what you don’t use will begin to atrophy and waste away.

Dream seeds are meant for the very opposite—they are meant for vigorous activity.

The other two people in the story used what they were given, and as they did something with what they had, what they had began to multiply. That is the design of any seed. When put to use, it multiples.

What are the dream seeds inside of you? Do you even know? Let me take you back to the key exercise that we started out with.

Create some mental space for yourself to get focused. Next, remove all limitations and reasons in your thinking-process with a ‘can’t’ attached to them. Ask the Holy Spirit to infuse your imagination with His creative flow and the Father’s intention for you.

Envisioning where you are headed and what God is leading you into should become a habit for you.

Always keep in mind that this is not denying the natural or physical reality that we do live in, but acknowledging that the kingdom you are of is not limited to natural restraints. You are of the kingdom of God, and heaven wants to live big within you to create a life where the realities of God’s kingdom are all around you.

This is a life worth living!