Building The Permanent In The Temporary

What you’re going through is temporary, but who you’re becoming is permanent and is qualifying you for your next God-orchestrated opportunity.

Over the last two months we have all found ourselves in a new version of life. Whether you have been in lockdown, considered an essential worker, or you already worked from home, no doubt this pandemic has placed new demands upon you in new ways.

For all of us there have been stressful moments, difficult moments, quiet moments, and maybe even want to pull your hair out moments. But all of this right now is temporary. Things will go on, change, and we will all find new footing in the days ahead.

As Christ-followers, what we want to be asking ourselves right now is, “God, while this situation is temporary, what is it that you are working in me that will become permanent?”

This pandemic has truly been defined as many things, but you cannot deny the fact that it can also be defined as a growth moment for all of us.

I want to encourage you to allow the Spirit of truth that resides on the inside of you to show you where you need to grow, but don’t stop there. Let Him also empower you with the ability to grow, and then let Him reveal to you what it is you are becoming.

Trust him in the process; it will be worth it. He is working in you something that will bring an eternal weight of glory, and you will truly never be the same!