Getting Ahead Of The Curve

“I just want things to go back to the way they were?”

Have you said this out loud recently, or at least thought it to yourself? I will admit that in the first weeks of this quarantine I had this thought more than once. But then I looked a little deeper, and I asked myself, “Do you really?”

Let me ask you to look a little deeper, and ask yourself the same question: “Do I truly want things to go back exactly the way they were?”

Were we really doing our best, and functioning at our highest? Did we truly have all of God involved in all that we did, or had busyness, schedule, and ambition taken over?

Now ask yourself this question: “Am I willing to be part of leading in this change, or am I waiting to be told what the changes will be by forces that feel more formidable than me?”

The world is looking for people with answers. Our culture is like a ship looking for a captain right now saying, “We need a steady hand at the wheel of influence.”

Romans 8:19 says, “For all creation is gazing eagerly, as if with an outstretched neck, waiting and longing to see the manifestation of the sons of God.”

I love what this picture evokes. Scripture is confirming what we know and see today—that there is a leadership vacuum, and we must fill it.

We are wired and even generationally timed for a supernatural overhaul of reaching the world with the person of Jesus Christ; we are called to inaugurate a new way of living in the lives of those we touch.

The biggest roadblock to this is an aversion to change.

My last question for you today is this: what if the ways God has been preparing for you don’t look, sound, or operate anything like what you have observed from others?

  • -Is the awkward feeling of doing things for the first time enough to intimidate you to stumble backward, and plant your feet firmly in the known?
  • -Is it enough to cause you to tuck away the dream in your heart, and forget it, replacing it with the sights and sounds of yesterday?
  • -Or will you lead courageously, and run to the battle even when it means everything is on the line?

This vital moment of change we are in is meant to awaken us to our dependency on His leading, and not our past successes or failures.

The Holy Spirit within you is always ahead of the curve. He knows where you have to go, whether it’s in your family, your ministry, your business, or your career; in all of these things He knows what lies ahead, and He is leading you forward.


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