The Process

I took a walk and it led me to nowhere, but it brought me into a new way of thinking and so the walk was worth it.” Author Unknown

Sometimes what God is doing in you has nothing to do with what you are actually doing; it is about what He is forming in you through what He has you doing.

You have to realize as early on as possible in your life of destiny that potential takes a process in order to transform into power. Potential wants to be realized, but there is a process to the conversion.

Sadly, it is typically during the process that most potential is forfeited, and the transformation never fully takes place.

I believe in my own life, what has always beckoned me onward to take risks is the desire to see the possibilities of the potential that God placed within me become something useful and truly impactful in people’s lives and in the world that I live in. Why else would I be here if not to affect change and make things better? If God wants to do it and He wants to use me then I cannot rest until I know I have reached for it. All I can do is reach—reach with faith and take steps on that faith.

Ultimately, God has to do it, but I understand that I have to reach. I have to see what can be within the realm of His will that is leading me. Understand that the compelling to reach is not for the sake of testing the boundaries of my own potential. That is a driven, self-focused, self-ambition, purpose-void cause. That does not interest me. In fact I have seen what the drive of self-ambition can do to a person, and it is destructive. But I do want to take every opportunity to stand in the middle of the reality of what God planned for me so that His kingdom can find shape through me.

I believe this is part of the DNA of all of us that are called. It was in Daniel when he was inspired to write from the depths of his own heart, “Those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” I hear the sound in Daniel’s words of that same beckoning that I feel, and that you no doubt sense in your heart too.

It is the idea of kingdom plans, concepts, ways of living, and building. Yes! That is very enticing to me. That is what I will spend my life doing. Exploits on the micro and the macro. In big ways and small ways, no matter the size or the notoriety that it may bring; they are all invitations to collaborate with God to change lives or just one life at a time. This is the purpose for which each of us finds ourselves with breath in our bodies at this particular time in history. This truth is the only way to truly and fully live.


(Excerpt from Chapter 11 “The Process” of Calling: Understanding Your Purpose, Place & Position; kick off your new year with this book here: