The Struggle To Let Go Is The Key To Grow

For most of my life I thought that I was the one that had to get things done. Am I the only one that got lost in that assumption? I was eclipsed by the idea that there was a job to do, and I cared deeply about getting it done. I could see nothing else other than whatever it was going to take for me to get it accomplished. The problem with that is never once did I stop to look around and consider who else might be there for the same reason to see it get done too?

I wish I would have paused to look around and to consider who else might be present to add their energy, time, and gift set to seeing things happen, and that it really was not necessary for me to do it all. Once I became aware that if I was going to grow I had to learn to let go it shifted my perspective on the path to achievement. I learned three powerful truths:

Driven is dangerous. Focus is powerful. Big picture is everything.

If I want to see things move in the moment—I can move them. But if I want to see them keep moving, I involve others. This is sustainable movement.

Making sure big picture wisdom is a part of your moment is what will take your one movement and turn it into growth.

Recognize that mere achievement of a task or goal is not everything, but that people are heaven’s biggest commodity.

Maybe it would be good for you to stop, look around, and see who else is beside you. What if what you are passionate about they are also called to? This would make what God has placed in your heart more than just a whim or a false start. It would propel it into a place of sustainability and continuity to affect not just a moment or even a few individuals, but generations that will come after you. I like the sound of that don’t you?

Let’s team up. Let go of doing it all alone so that you can grow, and what God has given you to oversee or steer can grow too. Whether it’s your family, a business, a dream, or a creative idea. Look up from your one track gaze, and look around to see who else is around that might just be carrying a piece. No doubt you will take new ground—more than you could have ever achieved on your own.