What Comes After A Fight?

Have you have ever been through a fight or a battle where you feel like you are being countered or confronted on every side? A fight where you are having to daily lay a tight claim to your peace, health, finances, relationships, or all of the above from being stolen? If you have, then you know from experience that the best part of the fight is, of course, when you win, but also in knowing that the fight is finally over. 

No more fierce contending that takes a deep, daily dip into your strength, energy, and spiritual focus. It is finally won, and it is over. I have to tell you that to me, the sweetness of a victory is as much in the fact that it’s over as it is in the fact that it’s won! 

But heaven takes a more extended view of these things. 

Nobody knew the experience of being confronted by an enemy better than David, and he had some things to say about it. In Psalms 68, David begins to describe what He found out about what comes after a fight.

It is a very focused season of rewards that comes straight from the Lord. It is heaven conducting the business of bringing restitution to you. 

David wrote in Psalms chapter 68 about a fight he had just been through, and gives the account of it in verse 1. It is clear, succinct, and to the point. 

“God arises. His enemies scatter, and those who hate Him flee from His presence.” (HCSB) 

What a summary of what probably took more than a few days to occur. However, it paints the picture quite well. But then David lays out in the following verses what came after the fight was over.

First, a greater manifest presence of the Lord with us (Psalms 68:8-9). In fact, David mentions in verse 1 that this is what caused the enemy that had already confronted him once, not to try it again. He said, “those who hate Him, flee or scatter from His presence.”

This presence of God manifesting in you is what sets the enemy going in the opposite direction.

The reality of His nearness and indwelling presence increases in our lives on the other side of a battle. That presence is also very tangible on a congregation that has been through a battle whenever they come together. 

Next, great blessings from God’s goodness. This comes to you in the form of rewards that are specific to what would be a reward to you personally. It’s good—so good to you, and only you and God would have known it! (Psalms 68:10)

Thirdly, angels are assigned to you for what comes next in the path of destiny for your life. You pick up new angelic help along the way! (Psalms 68:17) 

And strength! New strength is added to you. This is a strength that you have gained as a reward for choosing to keep on standing when you had done all to stand. God says, for this and because of this, a new strength is added to you.

You could say that when you come through a battle to the other side by faith as a result of taking God at His word, even in the face of opposition, you grow muscles you never had before. You may not have even known you had them to grow, but having come through and won, new strength is gained, and it’s yours for the duration of your days. This is a great benefit to a person living a life of destiny. He takes us from strength to strength! This is reason enough to not give in, cave in, or settle for a lesser version of what God has promised you will be. 

Your God has decreed and commanded your strength: strengthen, Show your strength God, You, who has acted on our behalf.” (Psalms 68: 28 NAS/CSB) 

So let this encourage your heart today: if you are in the middle of something contending with you from the enemy, you stand strong! Victory is yours if you don’t quit, and take your cues from Him.

And if you have just come through one of these battles, know that this is your time for receiving from heaven’s business of restitution to you, and this is your time for rewards! 

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