Allied Forces

There is only one thing worse than going to war, and that is going to war without any allies.” -Winston Churchill

It was the middle of World War II, and the people of Holland were under severe attack from enemy forces. The farming region where fifty percent of the nation’s food supply came from was severely bombed, breaching four of its major dams, and flooding the crucial farming region. Their army and citizens rushed to try and secure the breaches in all four dams, but the force of the water was too great for them to gain control of. It appeared that all would be lost as winter was setting inmaking it impossible for them to work any further, and leaving them in a nationwide food shortage with no end in sight.

But one day a change came. In early December, suddenly, their allies arrived, and they didn’t just show up. They came loaded with help and key supplies. Immediately they went to work on Holland’s four breached dams.

-The Americans brought navy boats full of workers.

-Great Britain came with sand bags and supplies.

-Other nations came and built a temporary railroad system to carry workers and supplies to the affected areas.

-They also built housing for over 2,000 workers that came to stand by Holland’s side during this pivotal time.

This is the double-edged power of both being and having allies.

An ally is defined as: one who gives support, back up, and stands with, especially when it counts the most.

Amos 9:11-12 says, In that day I will restore… I will repair its gaps, restore its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old, so that they may possess the remnant… and all the nations that bear My name, declares the LORD, who will do this.

Sometimes we watch the news, we hear the statistics, and we ask, “What is God doing in the world right now?” Well I will tell you what I believe:

I believe God is raising up teams of individuals to come together to do specific things!

He is calling teams together one-by-one and two-by-two to stand allied together to build new things for the kingdom of God. He is re-proving to all of us the unstoppable force of kingdom connections, and each time a kingdom connection through relationship is made, it is like a monument that stands tall of His love on display. The Bible says in John 13:35, “and they shall know you by your love.” This is just one of the effective results of these teams that God is bringing together.

These teams are apostolic in nature—meaning that they get things done at a high level, and they move quite swiftly. When they run, they run together, and together they are exponentially strong, steady, swift, and strategic. They move with a velocity that the kingdom of darkness cannot counter attack—not unless they are split apart. But these teams see attempts of the enemy to cause disunity coming a mile away, and they shut it down before it even gets close! They guard their band of unity with a fierceness that is required for today.

So my friend—get ready! You may be surprised at who God brings into your life, and where He directs your feet to step next. This life in God’s plan is a ride; it is an adventure. You’re not supposed to have it all figured out. It is a by-faith life, and trust is your vehicle that will get you there. He is getting the job done, and He is getting it done through us! What an honor and a joy to get to be a part of it. So don’t let your feet get stuck in the season where you are; this is a time for advancing, taking new territory, and I just have the sense that the real action has just begun!

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