A Restoration Of Lost Artists

There’s something about beautiful art that just gets me. Last week on my birthday, I had the chance to stand in front of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. I got totally caught off guard when I realized I was fighting tears while looking at it. I had no idea why I was emotional!? But I think Van Gogh’s journey paints its own picture of discovery that we can all relate to.

He was already known as a stand out artist in his time, but something happened when he moved to Paris. Ironically, he was heavily influenced by the impressionist painters of the day that made a real impression on him. It was then that he decided to explore from the way he had painted before. He had a new idea of using color to capture emotion. This contrast of dark and bright made way for even more exploration into a new technique for painting that made for an almost 3D like dimension to his work. He was good before, but getting in the right company, he found footing to reach for great. 

Van Gogh wasn’t a declared Christian, but he was quoted as saying, “I’m not much for modern day Christianity, but it’s founder is sublime.” Something of Jesus spoke to Him—maybe at times, spoke through him. In this painting, (the only one he ever sold in his lifetime) there is a church in the center of the village with its spire reaching up tall pointing to the skies above. Art speaks—maybe even louder today than at any other time.

I left the Museum of Modern Art that day with this impression in my heart: maybe heaven’s grand tour of restoring lost art is very busy right now restoring lost artists—calling artists of every kind to to explore, communicate, and convey through all of the arts this sublime Savior of the world. And maybe He’s talking to you.

1. of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.

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