It Is Happening

Something is happening. It’s been said that the more time you spend looking at something the more your life will move towards it.

Well it seems to me that this dynamic is highly at work, and is taking us into a new dimension. It’s not just what you look at, but how you look at things that determines what you move towards.

It’s the time for stepping into the reality of your purpose and God’s plan. It’s the time for action. It’s the time for motion—movement toward the desires that you hold. This sensation of something happening is because on a grand scale, things are happening and affecting all of us that are willing to work with God in it!

It’s a relief to know it’s time to get up and move, but it also places a demand on our sensitivity to the Spirit of God to move in the right direction. This isn’t a paralysis from moving, but a sensitivity to His lead. 

You have been chosen for this day. You hold parts and pieces of destiny that God ordained you to be. Your feet have set places to be, and He’s already given them to you—they are your territory. They are your specified ground to take. So rise up with strength. Boldness isn’t knowing exactly how it’s going to be; boldness is knowing that however it transpires, it’s your divine destiny, and nothing can stop the footsteps of faith. 

Something is happening in your life right now; you’ve known it. Let’s all take steps forward at the same time together.

I call you blessed,

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