Honor What You Value

Can you pause for a moment, and remember the last thing you did that was inconvenient, but you did it simply because it was valuable to you?

Whatever we value is what gets the majority of our attention, and whatever we look at the longest is what becomes the strongest in our lives. Difficulties in life often begin because what we value in principle isn’t what is dominating our attention, and as a result, what is convenient assumes center stage.

A lot of crisis, toxic cycles, and stalled places of destiny can be traced back to our actions not living up to what we know is most valuable.

Life is most honorable and honor-filled when our preferences are not dictating over our principles. The easiest way to make the adjustment is to remember that Hebrews says, “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith.” If you are looking (continued attention; daily attention) you won’t have room for your flesh to wander your gaze off of what’s most valuable that would diminish your daily life’s calling, and steal your joy and peace.

Right now, I encourage you to commit to your values afresh. Determine what those are on a daily basis for you, and then for your life overall. Make it plain, and determine to honor what you value with your attention and choices. I can guarantee that your progress will rise, and so will your joy and peace levels in your day-to-day life.

You are a few life-choice adjustments away from a brand new level of living!


I call you blessed,