Let Your Instinct Win The Day

“When the Spirit of truth comes He will guide you into all truth…revealing to you the things to come.” John 16:13 (Voice)

There is something pumping in the world now. It can be for the good or for the bad, but it is all being driven by one thing—instinct. The question you have to ask yourself is: what is driving your instinct?

Instincts are so powerful. They compel us to do things before our mind can even catch up to inform us with the information that our past experiences or five senses can provide.

For the Christ follower and believer in Jesus, it’s not a question of ‘what’ fuels our instinct; it is actually a question of ‘who’?  That force is a person—it is God, and His name is the Holy Spirit. He will LEAD you into all the truth you need, and can hand you jaw dropping results if you will let Him be the LEAD.

He will LEAD you by your instinct—by the still small voice on the inside of you compelling you to take that job, sell that car, go to that meeting, or call that friend. All day in a million different ways He will lead, but will you let His leading inform the steps you take?

As believers in Jesus, we are meant for our spirit led instinct to be the primary power we choose with and move by. Our cognitive powers (our mind) come into the process, and take over when we edit our spirit led instinct, and certainly when we second-guess it. I am not belittling the power of our ability to think and use our cognitive ability; it’s just a matter of what comes first. Our spirit is meant to come first.

Our Holy Spirit-led instincts are pre-cognitive, meaning our spirit led instincts kick in first. If that weren’t true, we wouldn’t have the millions of stories that we could all tell that carry the similar story line, “and then somehow I just knew” or “without thinking I just said…” and even, “I didn’t even have to think about it; deep inside I knew this was it.” In fact, if you closely observe the efforts of thousands of believers in different types of problem solving situations, you will not find an example of solutions being initiated during a period of hard thinking. The actions that spark productivity are born from the innate, inborn authentic powers of a born again believer’s instinctive drive.

This is a revolutionary way to live, which is to live by letting your sprit led instinct lead, and to not edit, second guess, or water down that leading.

One of the benefits of living by letting your spirit led instinct lead is that it brings out the best in others, and builds bridges between people. When we live out of our hearts in this way, it reduces conflicts in our lives and keeps our energies focused on purpose rather than personal issues.

So whether it’s a leading to give, to do something, to say something, to hold your tongue, or to step out in a new way, this living by letting your instinct lead the way is the way Jesus lived His life, and it is the only way to live super-naturally in the climate of our culture today.

“ …  He does only what he sees the Father doing.” John 5:19

To live by what you see as a believer is a Jesus way of living. When you are bold to follow your spirit led instinct, you’ll see greater results of God’s ability at work in your life and in all that you are called to do.