Your Source Of Momentum

Am I the only one that is more than ready for spring to be here and stay? Those teaser sunny days are a reminder of how much I love long summer days with warmer temperatures, and they are coming!

Every now and then I think it’s good for us to be reminded that there are some things that are not in our control. Typically not being in control is a feeling that most of us try to avoid. In those places we just boost up our trust in God that He works all things to our good, and learn to lean back into His grace that carries us through.

At the same time, there is so very much throughout the course of our lives that falls within the realm of our faith and authority that Jesus gave to us. When you and I individually chose Him, we were made new in Him, and Jesus gave us this great advantage that our authority provides.

Why does it seem like this isn’t always the picture that we see? Because mostly what we tend to see are the situations in our lives that we are patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting to be worked out, or waiting on God to work them out.

But the reality is—your situation has been waiting on you.

Let me share this example with you from my own life that may shed some light on what you have been experiencing.

I was very busy with life, and all that comes with leading a ministry. I was traveling every weekend, and sometimes in back-to-back meetings. I felt like I was talking morning, noon, and night, and the truth is—I pretty much was! I would go from preaching to talking with Pastors, leaders, church members, attending luncheons and dinners (which was more talking), catching up on phone calls, and then getting up the next day to do it all over again! By the time I finally got home, the last thing I wanted to do was talk! I was done. I just wanted to be quiet. I felt talked out, but after a while of living in this cycle, I hit this place where I was beginning to feel the effects of things sort of beginning to come to crawl.

The force of what had been keeping things moving forward just wasn’t there. I was seeing it beginning to affect our ministry finances, momentum on projects, and communications. Almost everywhere I looked I could see the effects of things just seeming to come to a crawl. I started checking everything I knew to check. I started with myself—did I have anything in my heart that would be blocking or affecting things in a negative way? There was nothing I could put my finger on.

I went to the Lord over it, and asked Him to show me what was going on. His answer was simple. He spoke to my heart simply, but profoundly, “Jen, you stopped speaking.” In a flash I could see it. Because of being fatigued from talking so much through ministry, I had backed off from using my voice to speak and declare over what God had given me charge of. The result of my silence was things had almost come to a stand still. It is amazing to realize that the track your life is running on is in direct correlation with the flow of the words that you speak (or don’t speak). No words? No progress.

Sometimes as a believer, you can put more faith in the authority of someone else’s words about your life than your own, when in reality, no one has more authority to speak over your life than you do! No one’s words are as effective in your life as your own.

Your life is your jurisdiction. Your voice is the highest authority in your life, and all that concerns you.

Have things been slowing down, not moving like they should be, or maybe as they used to? It could be that your voice of faith over your life has gone missing, but the remedy is as simple as what God showed me that day. Your life is waiting on your words, and not just any words, but words spoken with faith.

I can tell you that immediately I made the switch, and I got myself excited about it. I knew that my speaking was strategic, and that it moved things! I want to encourage you to make the choice to do the same. Step up, and speak! Take your place in your own life.

The second key to this strategy to get things moving is to do it consistently. Create a place and pattern for when you speak, and make it a habit. As one of my Shero’s of Faith, Gloria Copeland, often says, “In consistency lies the power.” This is when we really begin to see major things happening in our lives. When we keep speaking life on a daily basis, it creates a build up of momentum!

So let’s make a commitment together: let’s say that for the next 21 days we are going to speak life to our life. Let’s speak the word of God over our life, over our divine destiny, over all that concerns us, and let’s get specific. God still has so much for you that is beyond what you or I could ever make happen on our own, but when we put His word in our mouth and use our authority to speak over our lives, it creates a place for His power to bring it to pass. Just remember that everything that you are looking for is looking for you too, so put the word of God on it, and let Him bring it together.

As a tool to help you create your path and pattern of speaking daily over your life using your own voice, I want to share a tool I have created. It’s an audio download of a 21-Day Destiny Devotional. Each day has a short encouraging word for you, a scripture, and then there is a destiny declaration that you and I can declare together. Click on the link below to get your audio download, and let’s get started today!


I call you Blessed,

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