2018: The Year Of The Turning Point

2018 will be the year of the Turning Point: the point when a significant change occurs. As you follow the plans and purposes of God, momentum is building, and a turning point comes when the pace picks up and shifts you into a new place. In 2018, God is bringing us into a turning point when old paradigms are replaced with the new that brings progression, and progression brings provision. Watch and see as God brings us into 2018, the year of the Turning Point.


turn·ing point:

1. A point at which a singificant change occurs

2. A point at which a notable or decisive change takes place

3. The point when the action begins to move toward the most important part

4. A lasting shift in the culture or the “spirit of the age”

5. A label we attach to a dramatic event or period of time to interpret when an older paradigm is replaced in whole or in part by a new one

6. Nautical: if a ship holds a tack course too long, it has over reached it’s turning point, and the distance it will travel to reach it’s next point is increased