3 Things To Awake To In The Last Quarter Of 2017

Here we are at the end of October, quickly approaching the holidays. Depending on where you live, fall temperatures and colors may already be in full swing! The amazing thing to me is that we now stand with less than three months left in this year. It has seemed to go by so fast, but as 2017 comes to a close, there are things that I feel God wants us to be aware of.

The Holy Spirit will stir things in your heart that He is drawing your attention to, and in essence He is saying, “I want to make sure you are awake!” In the final quarter of this year, we need to be intentional in making this a priority.

To me, being awake means being aware of what He wants us to be aware of. In my life there are things I have been present for, but maybe not present and awake to, even though I was sitting in the room. These are the three main things I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking to our hearts:

1. Awake to Purpose

To every time and season there is a specific purpose. Whatever God has you in the middle of, whatever purpose your current season holds, I encourage you to not fall asleep or get mundane about it.

Awake to what He is doing in your right now so you can collaborate with Him in it. You will move so much faster, and gain so much momentum if you will stay awake to the purpose and place you are right now in.

2. Awake to the Promise

Listen, the bottom line is that to fulfill your divine purpose it takes serious effort. It doesn’t just happen automatically, or fall into your lap. Paul said it like this, “…I have to apprehend that which I have been apprehended for.” Apprehend means to understand, perceive, and discern so that you can lay hold of, seize control of, and arrest.

Those are intense terms. It means living a life awake to purpose is going to require standing on the promises found in the Word of God so that you can apprehend your destiny! And if you are willing to do it—and it takes guts to do, then you are going to feel the force of heaven backing you up as you stand on His word. This brings us to the final piece.

3. Awake to His Power

When you stand upon the promise of the Word of God, your faith is activating the power of the promise, and that power goes to work on your behalf to make the way for you. That power will position you for the purpose you were created to fulfill.

His power has been moving mountains for people of destiny for thousands of generations, and God is not going to blow His track record of faithfulness on you!

I pray that in the coming days, you can find some time to sit down, quiet yourself before the Lord, and let Him speak to your heart about what lies ahead for you in this final quarter of the year. Let His words bring you into an awareness of what He is aware of, and may they stir you to finish 2017 fully awake and alive to what He is right now doing in and through you.


I call you blessed,

Rev. Jen Tringale