It’s All About Vision

Many times we can find ourselves trying to figure out what we think our destiny in life is supposed to be.  Many people have asked me in the past, “what propels you towards your destiny?”  The answer is very simple and still vitally important, the answer is vision.

Vision is a very big word and yet is every bit as unique and intimate as it is big.  That is because vision is personal.  It comes from the inside of you and becomes a part of you.  Giving vision is also very intimate to the Father.  When God opens His realm of mystery and reveals to you a piece of His heart that is His plan and He entrusts it to you it is a defining moment that you never forget.  It should be treated as sacred and revered.

This interaction between man and God points to His desire to share and reveal His heart and reminds us again of how much God invested of Himself in you and I that He calls us His friends.  Each time that God our Father breathes vision into our spirit, speaks to our heart, or reveals more of His plan it is only because His Son paid our price and sacrificed His life that He is able to do so.  Now we know why vision giving is so intimate and sacred to our Father.  It was the death of Jesus on the cross that made the way so that He could release that vision.

It is not hard to come up with a plan, an idea or even a cause, but when somebody with a God breathed vision tells me their plan, idea, or cause, I know they had to have spent time with Him.  And so each time that vision is revealed to you it marks you in way that whenever you pause to recall it, it is just as real to you as the first day He showed you.

People with vision bubbling within them carry a conscience stream of thought connected to that vision.  It is always just below the surface, ready to be jotted on a napkin, sketched out on a notepad, or eagerly shared over coffee with a friend.  A person with a vision rolling around on the inside of them gets invigorated by opportunities to talk about it or to communicate it in someway.  In fact they need outlets to do just that in order to keep it vibrant and alive.  Developing relationships that are safe places for you to share and talk about vision are necessary and any time spent doing so is never wasted time but a wise investment of your time,  You are feeding the vision and your belief in the vision every time you do this.

Stay focused, remain true to the calling God has placed on your life, and receive the vision He has given you.  Then run with that vision until you have finished your race.


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    Frank Smentowski says

    Vision, describes me. To help and minister to OTR truckers! The God dream in my heart. I visited your book table at SW Believers Convention. Desire to get your material, also watched a few of your viedo, Frank from Tulsa

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      Rhonda says

      Frank, I want to encourage you to keep pursuing your vision for truck drivers. I often pass a truck driver and look in their window and have compassion on them. I have pulled in a truck stop and just sat and prayed for the truckers. I believe they are tempted often and have lonely lives on the road. Go in the name of Jesus and do his work! I will pray for you that you can find the tools to keep moving forward, your vision is very real and needed. Bless you, in Jesus name Amen

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