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Listening To His Voice In Difficult Times

“The people who were standing nearby said, “see how much He loved him.”  But some said, “This Man healed a blind man.  Why couldn’t He keep Lazarus from dying?””  John 11:36-37.

I cannot begin to express how important it has been in my life to listen to the voice of God and allow His words to carry me through situations and circumstances no matter what other people are saying around me.

In John chapter 11 we read about Jesus and his good friend Lazarus.  Jesus is out in the world traveling and ministering when He receive’s word that His friend Lazarus is very sick. (Verse 3)  Jesus, being lead by The Spirit says in verse 4, “Lazarus’s sickness will not end in death.”  What a statement of faith!  How about this verse for an example of speaking out in faith no matter what the natural circumstances are showing!

You can read John 11 and see how the story unfolds in detail but for the sake of this post I’ll summarize.  Jesus has received word that Lazarus is very sick.  Again, Jesus being lead by The Spirit declares that Lazarus will not die and stays where He is for the next two days.

The story progresses and Lazarus dies, or as Jesus puts it, Lazarus simply “fell asleep”.  Jesus comes to the home of Lazarus and his sister’s, Mary and Martha, 4 days after the death of Lazarus.  By the end of the story we see Jesus standing in front of the tomb where they’ve laid Lazarus to rest and calling out “Lazarus, come out!”  Lazarus emerges from the tomb, alive and wrapped in grave-clothes.

The main point here is that Jesus didn’t allow the opinions of the people around Him to determine His actions.  He didn’t allow the whispers behind His back to determine His trust and faith in the Father.  He’d received the voice and instruction from God telling Him to wait and that’s exactly what He did.  He obeyed the voice of God.  All He did was listen and obey.  It didn’t matter about the people talking about Him, it didn’t matter about the ones voicing their opinion on the matter.  He was determined to obey the voice of God.

The same is true for our lives.  When we’ve heard the voice of God and received His direction for a specific situation in our lives it doesn’t matter what others are saying around us.  Because if it’s contrary to the voice of God than it’s wrong.

Let me ask you, what has God spoken to you?  What direction has He given you concerning difficult situations and circumstances in your life?  Make sure you’re listening to His voice and direction and block out the voices around you telling you to do something different than what He has already spoken to your heart.
I call you blessed,

Rev. Jen Tringale

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