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Refilling Your Life In Him

Typically I try to take Monday’s off while I’m out on the road traveling.  Monday is the day to catch my breath and rest from a busy weekend of ministering.  It’s typically on  my days off that I have to make sure I take time to read in the word of God and replenish myself.  When I’m feeling tired or drained spending time with Him is a sure way to replenish myself and refuel.

My supply for life comes from this time of rest in His presence.  In life if we don’t stop to refuel we’ll get delayed somewhere along the line.  I’ve learned, in my personal life or in my ministry, if I don’t stop and allow myself to be refueled through Him I’ll become burned out quickly.  Nobody else can do this for me, I must initiate this time of rest for my own life.

This is the #1 way you can keep out of negative thought patterns and attitudes creeping on you and altering your day to day environment.  You have to have enough on the inside to stabilize you just from dealing with the world and your surroundings as it is. But when the enemy of your soul comes and makes a play for your mind and emotions to get you off track your ability to recognize it and shut it down will be greatly increased when you have been re-charging your spirit with the word of God and spending time with Him.

All those negative feelings and worries don’t have the right to stick around in the same environment as the presence of God and His words stirring in your soul.

So, what are you believing Him for today?  Are you seeking His face, trying to hear His voice for direction in your life?  Are you stressed or worried about life?  Don’t allow those negative feelings to stick around.  Kick them to the curb and allow the power of Jesus that lives inside you to take over those areas and fill you with hope, joy, peace, and victory. And if you need to, steal away for a little while today with your bible and a cup of coffee and get a fresh supply for your heart and mind.


I call you blessed,

Rev. Jen Tringale

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